BBFY participated in the 2020 China International Intensive Livestock Exhibition

Release time : 2019-04-12 10:20:30

Since entering China in 2000, VIV has always adhered to higher than the industry average level of internationalization, branding and trade achievement rate, bringing global innovative concepts and advanced technologies to China, and developing together with the Chinese animal husbandry industry. In the past two decades, it has served more than 5,300 exhibitors at home and abroad and received more than 370,000 visitors from around the world. It has become an important bridge linking the entire industrial chain of pig, poultry, milk, and aquatic products from feed to food worldwide. In 2019, Shanghai Wanyao Qilong Exhibition Co., Ltd., a joint venture of the global organizer of VIV, will fully take over the Chinese business and launch a new development strategy and layout-based in China, linking the world with high-quality business activities and international forums. Actively promote exchanges, interactions and innovations between China and the international animal husbandry industry. For a long time, VIV has been supported and recognized by many industry partners in China. It has established good partnerships with more than 60 organizations and more than 150 industry media around the world. There is a huge and professional cooperation network in all aspects such as trade services.